Our priority is that the products arrive at your home safely and undamaged. The packaging must optimally protect the product. This creates packaging waste. 90% of the materials we use can be recycled and used again. We do everything we can to bring sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging into circulation. If necessary, we reuse packaging material from our manufacturers.




What materials do we use:

  • outer boxes

  • filler paper

  • air chamber cushion

  • bubble wrap

  • wood wool

  • gift packaging

  • gift bows

  • Flyers, business cards, invoice

  • Tobacco Sample Bag

  • pastries *only at Christmas time



outer boxes

Our outer boxes consist largely of waste paper. The boxes are suitable for reuse depending on their condition.

Dispose of the outer boxes with your own paper waste (blue bin).



filler paper

In order to protect your goods from external influences, we use 99% filling paper made from recycled waste paper.

Also dispose of the paper in your paper waste (blue bin).



air chamber cushion

Occasionally we use air chamber cushions as packaging material, especially for bulky items. These come exclusively from incoming packages from our suppliers. We do not sell air chamber cushions ourselves and thus make a small contribution to reducing plastic waste.

You can dispose of the air chamber cushions (deflated) in the recycling waste (yellow bin).



bubble wrap

Bubble wrap has proven its worth for packaging the tobacco jars and also for the clay pipes. Whenever possible we remove bubble wrap from incoming packages from our suppliers. If we don't have one available, we use bubble wrap from our inventory for those products. We recommend that you keep the film to use again for your packages.

You can dispose of the bubble wrap in the recycling bin (yellow bin).



wood wool

We use wood shavings as an environmentally friendly yet decorative filling material for our gift packaging.

Wood wool is 100% biodegradable and can be disposed of in organic waste or in-house compost.



gift packaging

The gift packaging we use is made of coated cardboard.

You are welcome to use the elegant yet robust gift packaging again or dispose of it in the paper waste (blue bin).



gift bows

We use elastic ready-made bows for decorative purposes and to close our gift packaging. These are durable and can be used multiple times. Keep the loops and feel free to use them again.

You can dispose of the finished wheels in the residual waste (black bin).

dekorative Schleife


Flyers, business cards, invoice

You will find your shipping folder in our packages. It contains your invoice, our business card with the various contact options and, if necessary, a flyer.

This folder is of course intended for your storage. If you still want to dispose of them, you can do so in the paper waste (blue bin).

Mappe, Flyer, Rechnung


Tobacco Sample Bag

For higher order values and on request, we will include a tobacco sample in the shipping folder. The tobacco is hygienically in a resealable bag.

After smoking the tobacco sample, you can use the bag for yourself or dispose of it in the recycling bin (yellow bin).



pastries *only at Christmas time

In Advent we also send a little sweet gift to all customers.

The outer packaging is also disposed of in the recycling bin (yellow bin) and the cinnamon star can be eaten.

Christmas cookie


If you have any questions about disposal, please contact us.